i just seen Taken, a drama and action movie that really touchy yet, full of kicks and punches. the story tell about how a father that love his daughter so much, and try any thing he can do, when his daughter kidnapped by a group of criminals when she traveled to France with her friends. The father starring by Liam neeson was an ex CIA operative that is forced to come out of retirement in order to find his daughter after that been kidnapped in Paris.

i was very excited seeing the action scene, because the fight, bullets and blood is totally exposed here, nothing can let Liam Neeson down to find his only daughter. in this movie i can say the action scenes are well staged and highly entertaining with solid direction. In terms of straight up action films this is the best I have seen so far this year. I can say that this movie can be compared to “bourne” . This movie has not been released in Indonesia so far. but no worries , u can see the full movie here.

2 thoughts on “Taken

  1. yup! no wonders this movie got many “stars”. actually that trafficking matters really freak me up when i have a daughter.

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